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MDWorkFlow Web-Based Project Management

Use MDWorkflow web-based project management to gain visibility of all software changes while implementing central approval, scheduling, and object migration tracking across all systems throughout the application lifecycle.

Seamlessly exchange project information, whether it’s business groups managing user requirements or it’s technical groups managing changes to specific native IBM i and non-native objects. All parties involved can view the status of projects at any time and are informed when a process has reached specific steps within the process flow.

For example, a business user or team leader may use MDWorkflow to enter project or issue requests. Once entered, users can track requests by status, due date, priority, group, assigned users, programmer, and much more. Plus, the responsible team members can centrally approve, schedule, and track projects and object migrations.

Project information is automatically synchronized across all systems. A report generator provides online, paper, or electronic reports that support real-time decision-making and internal and external compliance. In addition, businesses can easily add their own corporate branding elements to customize MDWorkflow.

MDWorkflow Functions

Key features include the following:

  • Project management
  • Task management
  • Role management
  • Management of testing requirements at each step of the workflow process
  • Approval and installation of Object packages
  • Detailed history of installed Objects and Object packages
  • Object migration tracking across all systems
  • Object version and conflict reporting across all systems
  • Application version tracking and management
  • Graphical calendar
  • Scheduler for past and future installations and tests

Load MDWorkflow into Any Application Server

Install MDWorkflow directly on the IBM i with one command; there is no need for additional server hardware. Alternatively MDWorkflow can be downloaded as a web application package and be deployed to any other application server.

Join the companies around the globe who are successfully using MDCMS, MDXREF, and MDWorkFlow to manage, audit, and distribute updates for third-party packages and in-house applications!

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