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A tool for the creation of a wide range of security and audit reports

It contains a number of different report templates that define the type of information to display/print and can be tailored to the information and format you require

It incorporates report management features to run, schedule and view the reports created


  • Combination of on-the-fly processing and use of information collected previously by Enterprise Security
  • Define reports in the GUI that run natively on the IBM i 


  • Group definitions using report groups
  • Column selection and filtering
  • Scheduling and manual operations
  • Main selection criteria tailored to report type
  • Flexible filtering on all fields
  • Option of defining SQL manually, bypassing the wizard
  • Various export formats including Office(HTML), CSV and PDF
  • Report types include : Application audit,Administration audit,Alerts,Compliance, Custom files etc.
  • Reports can be defined to run across multiple servers/lpars
  • More than 200 predefined reports
  • Automatic send by email option
  • Pre and post run exit point to call 3rd party program

Organizational Benefits

  • Avoids the need to code/write custom reports
  • Saves time and money
  • Satisfies Auditor requirements



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