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This is the audit log for application access activity(exit program controlled activity) to the IBM i Server

It allows quick and easy identification of access events and identifies trends


  • View of audit data via the desktop GUI
  • Based on logs created by exit programs as dictated by the Application Access Control Definitions


  • Powerful filtering capability
  • Event level detail, includes Transaction ,user IP address and Object
  • Graph and table display options
  • Predefined summary and event reports
  • User defined event reports

Organizational Benefits

  • Ability to investigate security incidents at the level of server activity
  • Ability to review and analyze application access trends such as security officer activity, specific library and file access, application usage types such as ODBC,FTP, remote command,database
  • Ability to review and analyze unauthorised access attempt statistics such as invalid user, invalid password, rejection when trying to update database tables
  • Provides an online log of activity that is not monitored by the operating system
  • Answers information systems auditing compliance requirements


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