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Rich and unique system of alerts, following a wide range of IBM i system conditions and events. Alert delivery can take a number of different forms including email, on screen display and others


  • Alerting of a variety of events including authorized and unauthorized access at exit point level, compliance checks, system health checks, database field changes, message queue messages and system journal events
  • Handling of collected event information by the IBM i or by windows based alert handler
  • Events covered: Exit point, system journal, file journal, message queues, Policy Compliance Manager deviations, SQL Statements


  • Granular condition definition. Alerts can be conditioned from general to highly specific triggering criteria, such as specific SQL statements or FTP sub-functions on a specific library or file
  • Multiple alert actions including email, writing to windows event log, displaying on screen, SNMP traps and output to syslog
  • Multiple pro active alert actions including calling a program, disabling a user profile, changing user authority etc
  • Database field value change alert

Organizational Benefits

  • Automatic alerting of breeches
  • Fast reaction to security incidents
  • Automatic blocking of suspicious users
  • More control of events in the system
  • Meeting of regulatory compliance requirements


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