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Easy-to-Use, Comprehensive Cross Referencing

The powerful comparison tools in MDXREF searches for differences at the library, object, or data level of an application. Users can quickly navigate through application objects and data, as well as search the entire database for specific fields or field attributes.  In addition, MDXREF offers comprehensive journal analysis for finding and reporting data transactions.

MDXREF is included free with MDCMS or it can be purchased as a stand-alone product.

Check out these time-saving features:

File Referencing

  • View all fields defined for a file
  • View the sort sequence of a file
  • View the data contained in the file
  • View logical file indexes over a physical data file
  • View automated file overrides or copies to other files
  • View display/printer file field references to other files
  • View all programs that use a file and how the file is used
  • Generate Field Referencing reports by program, including internal variables
  • View all queries using a file
  • View CL programs using files with FMTDTA or OPNQRYF commands

Process Flow

  • View all programs calling a program, command, or query
  • View all commands invoking a program
  • View all menus calling a program, command, or query
  • View all modules bound by an ILE program
  • View all programs binding a module
  • Use the reporting facility to show the entire process flow of an application as well as all files used by the process flow

Source Referencing

  • View all programs using a copybook
  • View all copybooks used by a program

Comparison Functions

  • Compare libraries to check for missing or duplicate objects within or across applications
  • Compare objects to check for differences
  • Compare file formats
  • Compare the actual data stored in files
  • Compare Source Member contents across libraries and systems

Journal Analysis

  • View all updates to data in a customizable, easy-to-read format
  • Filter the updates by user, program, date, or field values

Other Highlights of MDXREF

  • Identify all database and program references system-wide
  • View logical subsets of cross-reference information by application
  • Describe objects and references defined in tables
  • Search source members by name, attribute, file, or description
  • Navigate the references between copybook members and programs
  • Display or print all information; export many reports in text or Microsoft Excel format
  • Supports ALL IBM i programming languages

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