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Change Management for Multi Platform Environments

MDOpen handles change management for multiplatform environments with the same efficiency and reliability that MDCMS handles native IBM i objects. It offers an easy-to-use graphical portal to the rich array of MDCMS functions that help development teams streamline application lifecycle management tasks.

From source code and object management for RPG, COBOL, and Java, to automated code distribution and installation on production servers.

The MDOpen plug-in, which has met IBM specifications as Ready for IBM Rational software, can be used with any common Eclipse-based platform including IBM Rational Developer for i or Zend Studio.

An MDCMS Eclipse perspective presents a central graphical overview of settings, projects, installation packages, and open-object requests across all systems. Edit and manage all MDCMS-related entities, including native and non-native source, from the MDCMS perspective.

Additionally, objects within the programmer workspace can be requested for deployment and then committed to the MDCMS repository from any Eclipse perspective.

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