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IBMi Spool File Exporter

IBMi Spool File Exporter - automate the download of spool files from your IBMi server using the PC's scheduler. Print locally, files converted to xml or just store them as txt or xml files.

This application is written in java and does not require any software on your IBMi server other than what is installed as a part of the OS.

If you have access to the current software key is - "Y66WYYY65R5Y5566WYJ9RW9E6652IWX050W16-" (without the quotes) this will allow unlimited use on this platform, you can set up as many rules as you need and replicate output queues to a local pc.

24th Sept 2022 - Updated V1.2.00 :-

Embedded JRE updated to 17 - Eclipse Updated to 4.23

Run rules updated to run seamlessly in the background when downloading spool files

Added a Print Commands menu and moved the "Print XML to PC" command there, ready for a print back to IBMi command

3rd Nov 2022 - Updated V1.2.0.0 :-

Added Action to Print XML file to IBMi Server

10th Nov 2022 - Updated V1.2.0.1 :-

Enabled the option to cancel an interactive download

Changed key processing

14th Nov 2022 - Updated V1.2.0.2 :-

Added CSV export - exported reports can now be opened with excel or open office calc.


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