Monitoring IBMi with SysChecker

SysChecker does not simply wait for the system to issue messages; it actively monitors and reports problems when it detects them.

If you are responsible for the smooth running of your IBMi (iSeries AS/400) then you know that occasionally things go wrong, jobs crash, lines crash, queues stick, programs loop, interfaces fail and messages get missed. As long as you spot the problem in time things can be done - or you can get SysChecker to run a program to correct issues before they impact your business.

SysChecker will monitor :-

  • Sub-systems
  • Jobs
  • Ping other IP devices
  • And much more

Using the Eclipse Based GUI, multiple systems can be monitored from one PC desktop. The user receives audio and visual warnings of problems, plus of course email alerts.

Monitoring IBM i





On this system SysChecker is checking the following system attributes:-

  • KEV#PC01 - Interactive session is running and not in an invalid state.
  • PET105 - Pings this mail server to make sure it is available to send emails.
  • QBATCH - Subsystem is active
  • QBATCH - JOBQ only contains x number of jobs i.e. the jobs are being processed and not filling up the JOBQ
  • QCLSRC - in QGPL - the startup job only contains x number of records - this can apply to physical files as well.
  • QCMN - the communication sub-system is active
  • QPGMR - the programmer sub-system is active
  • S6524D5C - there is adequate disk space - less than 70% (%age free can be specified)
  • TDC1 - wireless access point is responding to ping
  • TDC2 - wireless access point is responding to ping

Every nn seconds SysChecker will check these objects and warn you visually, by email or system MSG if any of these objects are outside of the parameters set here.








Additionally SysChecker will run silently in the background on your server checking the status of following components on your system:-

  • Ping Other Machines and IP connected devices
  • User Id's(Enabled/Disabled)
  • Jobs (Active/MSGW etc.)
  • Controllers
  • Line descriptions
  • Output Queues
  • Distribution Queue
  • Files for number of records
  • CPU Threshold
  • DASD usage
  • Data area contents
  • Device descriptions
  • Library attributes
  • Port Activity
  • Sub-systems
  • Writers
  • Network Files
  • SNA jobs

When it finds one of your system components in an incorrect state, SysChecker will do one of the following, depending upon how you have it configured:-

  • Send a group of configured users a message
  • Send a group or single e-mail to configured users
  • Send an SNMP trap to the SNMP server - (as long a SNMP is configured and running)
  • Call a specified program to try and correct the condition

You no longer need to constantly watch your IBM i server, Syschecker will be monitoring it continually and pro-actively.

If you want to try syschecker we have a free version that will enable you to check five objects - three predefined and two you can add yourself.

Contact Us now if you would like a copy of the free version

You can also purchase the full product or buy a limited number of objects.

Contact Us now to arrange a trial in your environment.




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