Technical SupportIf you have an IBM i RPG application (what ever flavour) that requires competitive local support, we will be happy to look at it and advise you.

We are currently supporting various banks and building societies in their use of Enforcive and have clients, both in the UK and abroad, who we support in their use of bespoke applications.

Some of our in-house products are written in Eclipse - our current focus is on our Report Server Product that uses the java tool box to extract spool files from the IBM i and transform them into text or XML files that can be stored off of the IBM i. These archived reports can then be reprinted on a PC printer or back to an OUTQ on the IBM i server. Contact us for more information.

We are also experimenting with a small java app that will import text files into MediaWiki - contact us for a free copy of this software - we'll even tweak it for you.

IBM i Security, Tools, development, Change Control and Support 

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