Document your IBM i using Open Source MediaWiki

Automatically post basic information from text files directly into MediaWiki.

IBM i Spool files can be easily exported either manually or scheduled automatically to document anything on the IBM i, if you can print it you can export it to text.

Using MediaWiki you can track changes to automatically generated documents/spool files. You can also search all Wiki pages.

Use existing products on the IBM i, like security products, Change control products or even documentation products to generate spool files to export into MediaWiki.

This is done using two products:-

  • Free small java application that connects to WikiMedia and imports text files from a directory of text files.
  • IBM i Java Automated Spool File management, our product that remotely extracts spool files from the IBM i, this can be done interactively or scheduled.

So if you want to pull all of your daily reports from a specific Output Queue, the Spool Management product can be configured to sign in automatically to the IBM i and extract those reports.

This software runs from a PC and does not require anything to be installed on the IBM i. All you need is a User ID and password with access to the relevant Output Queue.

MediaWiki is a free open source Wiki application written in php which runs on Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS x and many other platforms. See the download page for more information.

Or you may wish to use a hosting service to host your wiki.

A Wiki is an excellent choice to develop documentation and collaborate amongst your developers and users.

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Download IBM i Spool Files to PC printers, Text ,Wiki and XML - Automatically !

Configure what you want to download.

The spool file filter options section of the extract configuration screen defines what you would like to download, how it is formatted and where you would like the file created.

The output file options enable you to define what the resulting file is named as and if you would like the spool file on the IBM i removed once processing has completed.

The following extract will search the QPRINT output Queue in QGPL and extract any current files and place them in the XML_Reports directory.

The application allows multiple systems to be configured so that spool files can be consolidated in one location.

Spool as XML


Within the application there is an executable which will enable you to use the task scheduler to run rules unattended. Depending on how this is configured all rules on a system can be run or individual rules can be scheduled.

No agent is required on the IBM i , so you will not have to jump thru hoops to get software installed on the IBM i server.

This application uses the native Host Servers which are a base option on IBM i. All you need on the IBM i is a user ID and password.

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IBMi Services


IBMi Python Development

We are now developing Open-Source Software for the IBMi and Windows, macOS and Linux. Please contact us if you have any Python requirements. See our Blog article regarding IBMi SQL Services

AS/SET RPG III Modernization using Open source tools

We are currently upgrading Craig Ruttledge's open source tool to modernize an RPGIII application - written in AS/SET.

We are confident that this will convert 99% of the code. Contact us if you would like to run a test or help in modernizing your AS/SSET generated RPGIII code.

Enforcive Support and training

As an Enforcive reseller we have trained and are supporting a number of Enforcive users in the UK and worldwide Read More...

We are Precisely Accredited to install support and train clients the use of Enforcive.

MDCMS Support and training

KDP have worked in the IBM i change management segment since the late 80's. We have experience with Turnover, ChangeFit and MDCMS.

We are currently resellers for Midrange Dynamics

Inventory Management and Purchasing


The LANDMARK application is comprised of modules which can be used standalone or fully integrated. The modules developed for this release are:

IBM RPG Inventory Management

IBM RPG Purchase Order Management

Working in conjunction with financial ledgers or on their own, the LANDMARK modules create a comprehensive yet flexible system for both routine and ad-hoc requirements.

LANDMARK contains its own security for applications. The system is controlled by multiple, user defined/maintainable, parameter files which can be tailored for many and varied instalations.


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The object license is free, you just pay for support or a source license - if you need it. We will also make bespoke enhancements for you.

IBM i Security, Tools, development, Change Control and Support 

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