Application Access Control

This module forms the base module and provides protection/auditing from unauthorized activity coming from the TCP/IP network, blocking intruders, malicious or errant users, thus reducing the chance of database corruption and unauthorized use or theft of data.


  • Permissions definitions via the GUI based interface
  • Server base exit point management using proprietary exit programs


  • Provides an additional layer of protection on top of the operating systems object security
  • Role based management 
  • General system policy and additional custom user groups with special permissions according to role
  • Intuitive: Rapid roll out of granular permissions by user or group, exit point, function, library and object
  • Protection of commands, these can be system commands or 3rd party written commands
  • Protection of files (optional) by read, add, change, delete
  • Authority swapping - a controlled way of granting elevated authority on a temporary basis
  • Simulation mode for safe and phased implementation
  • Regulation of exit point activity by IP address
  • Replication of definitions across servers and/or LPARS

Organizational Benefits

  • Supports roll based security
  • Prevents power user authority misuse
  • Protects against data theft, database manipulation
  • Protects against object tampering
  • Prevents unauthorized users from manipulating data through unauthorized communication channels
  • Improves privacy, security and robustness of IBM i based applications and databases
  • Facilitates regulatory compliance such as GDPR etc

Enforcive Application access control


 Enforcive Application Access Control

Enforcive Application Access Control

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