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Enforcive Enterprise Security for IBM i. With GDPR now in effect, you cannot ignore Security and Auditing of personal data - read more.

IBM i Software development. We offer bespoke development and support of RPG Applications - read more.

Eclipse development. Check out what we are writing using Eclipse to access IBM i data - read more.

Eclipse development. Monitoring IBM i with SysChecker - read more.

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Document your IBM i using Open Source MediaWiki

Automatically post basic information from text files directly into MediaWiki.

IBM i Spool files can be easily exported either manually or scheduled automatically to document anything on the IBM i, if you can print it you can export it to text.

Using MediaWiki you can track changes to automatically generated documents/spool files. You can also search all Wiki pages.

Use existing products on the IBM i, like security products, Change control products or even documentation products to generate spool files to export into MediaWiki.

This is done using two products:-

  • Free small java application that connects to WikiMedia and imports text files from a directory of text files.
  • IBM i Java Automated Spool File management, our product that remotely extracts spool files from the IBM i, this can be done interactively or scheduled.

So if you want to pull all of your daily reports from a specific Output Queue, the Spool Management product can be configured to sign in automatically to the IBM i and extract those reports.

This software runs from a PC and does not require anything to be installed on the IBM i. All you need is a User ID and password with access to the relevant Output Queue.

MediaWiki is a free open source Wiki application written in php which runs on Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac OS x and many other platforms. See the download page for more information.

Or you may wish to use a hosting service to host your wiki.

A Wiki is an excellent choice to develop documentation and collaborate amongst your developers and users.

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Download IBM i Spool Files to PC printers, Text ,Wiki and XML - Automatically !

Configure what you want to download.

The spool file filter options section of the extract configuration screen defines what you would like to download, how it is formatted and where you would like the file created.

The output file options enable you to define what the resulting file is named as and if you would like the spool file on the IBM i removed once processing has completed.

The following extract will search the QPRINT output Queue in QGPL and extract any current files and place them in the XML_Reports directory.

The application allows multiple systems to be configured so that spool files can be consolidated in one location.

Spool as XML


Within the application there is an executable which will enable you to use the task scheduler to run rules unattended. Depending on how this is configured all rules on a system can be run or individual rules can be scheduled.

No agent is required on the IBM i , so you will not have to jump thru hoops to get software installed on the IBM i server.

This application uses the native Host Servers which are a base option on IBM i. All you need on the IBM i is a user ID and password.

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De-commission AS/SET and converting generated code to /FREE - Overview

We have taken Craig Rutledge's RPG conversion tools and enhanced the specifically to convert the generated AS/SET code to/Free format RPG.

The AS/SET generated code is not the prettiest of code, but it works and looks better in free format. We've done this in a number of steps so that it's not just a big bang and each step makes the next easier.  


Re-Structuring The RPG Source

The RPG source generated by AS/SET is restructured in various steps. This is done using open source tools modified by KDP Software.

The modified source is re-compiled during the conversion phase and should be undertaken via the change management process.

Extended Factor 2 conversion

In order to convert to RPG /Free the first step is to convert all programs to make use of the extended factor 2 in the calculation specifications.
During the conversion, the process checks all field attributes and only changes calculations on fields with the same attributes.

Rather than just changing the code it would be more prudent to check both fields to see whether any underlying issues would result in the program not working as expected.

We are testing this element to see if it is prudent to override this restriction.


Example - Before conversion

Example - After conversion

Additionally all program described fields as above are converted to D Specifications and added to the relevant part of the program in alphabetical order.

Once converted to RPG /Free these can then also be converted to Free format.


Example - Before Conversion

Example - After Conversion

Additionally the indicator usage is converted to a more modern format. LR in this example.


IFxx to IF

Ifxx statements are changed to IF using the extended factor two.

Example - Before Conversion

Example - After Conversion


AS/SET generated RPG made extensive use of GOTO which is not supported in RPG /Free so we have upated the open source tools to remove this.

Example - Before Conversion

Example - After Conversion

Convert *entry/call parms to prototypes

Example - Before Conversion


Example - After Conversion

Checking conversion to RPG /Free

Included in the tool set is a command to check what needs to be updated before a program can be successfully migrated to RPG /Free.
This command provides a side-by-side view of the original code and the proposed RPG /Free code.

Any code that is not supported in RPG /Free will be highlighted by ????? as in the example below.

From this example RPG /Free does not use the resulting indicators in the unlock statement – this indicator is not referenced in the code so it can just be removed. If it were referenced in the code then use of the BIF(Built in function) %ERROR can be used to replace any reference to indicator 91 if the code needs to be converted to RPG /Free.

RPG /Free Examples

Finally this is an example of an AS/SET generated RPG display program in RPG /Free – the code is not dissimilar from AS/SET 4GL code and is displayed from Rational 9.0.
This is an example of how the screen processing from a display program is converted. Note the EVAL statements no longer exist at 508 & 514.



Indicator Processing

All settors of indicators where constant '0' or '1' is used to set indicators with either a move for a single indicator or a MOVEA for a number of indicators, has been included so that the converted code conforms to RPG /Free on initial conversion.

Code Before conversion:-


Code After conversion:-

The Conversion Toolset

The conversion toolset is an open source toolset published by Craig Rutledge on his website - it is open source and we have modified certain elements in
order to convert as much of the AS/SET generated code as possible. The source agreement can be
found here We can supply the enhanced version of
these programs / source along with any programs and services we provide. Please use our contact page.

If you are uncomfortable doing it yourself we can quote fixed price to do it for you.

Proposed Method Of Conversion

The proposed method of conversion would be to migrate programs to use the Extended Factor 2, which would make the programs much more readable and of course easier to maintain.
Alternatively the source could only be upgraded as and when changes are required, we would recommend making sure the latest AS/SET generated source is available before decommissioning AS/SET.

Any programs that then do require maintenance and further testing could be migrated to RPG /Free as a part of this. The additional work to undertake this conversion would be minimal and we will endeavour to continually enhance the toolset with you, to make this as complete as possible, and of course it will remain open source.


Most of the ASSET Generated RPG file I/O makes extensive use of the resulting indicators – the conversion process does not replace these – it is better for the programmer to make use of the BIF's in RPG to convert the error checking to a format that can be migrated to RPG /Free and include additional error checking where relevant.

MOVEL – the majority of MOVEL statements will require at least a cursory evaluation before changing the statement to EVAL just to check the field sizes.

Z-ADD – these statements will not be converted if the field properties are different.

ADD – these statements will not be converted if the field properties are different.

AS/SET uses "DSPLY" as a work field in Display programs – this is a reserved word in RPGIV so must be renamed. A scan and replace in RDi will make short work of this. We have added a program now to do this.

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