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AS/SET RPG III Modernization using Open source tools

We are currently upgrading Craig Ruttledge's open source tool to modernize an RPGIII application - written in AS/SET.

We are confident that this will convert 99% of the code. Contact us if you would like this code or help in modernizing your AS/SSET generated RPGIII code.

We will make the open source software available on this site shortly.

Open Office IBM i integration

We have helped one of our System/36 base clients replace Office Vision with Open Office. Their legacy application now merges data from their IBM i with the latest version of Open Office.

This of course can be at a much more modern level - the IBM i sends commands to a PC via data queues and the PC processes those commands via a java based command server running on Windows 10.

Use our contact or support pages if you have a similar requirement.

We will support RPG II

We are currently supporting an RPG II Debt collection application written by IBM back in the early 80's (currently being upgraded)

We have integrated open office into this application since IBM discontinued display write and our client has subsequently migrated it to a 7.2 server.

If you still have an RPGII application and need development or support, please conatct us.

Eclipse Application development

We have developed Java Eclipse applications for ourselves and other software houses.

These applications connect to the IBM i using the Java Toolbox for IBM i

Enforcive Support and training

As an Enforcive reseller we have trained and are supporting a number of Enforcive users in the UK and worldwide.

MDCMS Support and training

KDP have worked in the IBM i change management segment since the late 80's. We have experience with Turnover, ChangeFit and MDCMS.

We are currently resellers for Midrange Dynamics

IBM i Security, Tools, development, Change Control and Support 

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